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Color-block Your Wall

For a graphic statement, color-block your wall. Paint half of it a bold color or opt for two neutral tones. Here, black creeps up about a quarter of the way while the rest is a nice shade of steel gray, creating an understated-yet-unique statement.

Don't sacrifice comfort

Your eyes may want the most modern, chic couch in the showroom. But your back may not. It's really better to test out seating and take the time to look at the dimensions. If you're tall, for instance, you might want to opt for a depth of between 40 to 42 inches for a sofa.

Velvet Sofa

Make the living room feel airer (and infinitely bigger) by replacing a bulky sectional with pretty seating. Besides, what feels more luxe than velvet?

Install Shelves

If you’ve run out of floor space for bookshelves, take your collection to the wall. Install floating shelves and display hardcovers, small sculptures, and other odds and ends.

Bamboo Orb Lights

Craft unique lanterns for your home office or bedroom with bamboo strips. Secure a lightbulb inside and attach your lantern to the ceiling using sturdy hooks.

Think creatively

Use a glass jar as a vase, group ottomans as a coffee table, or try a pretty basket to hold a plain planter.

The best ideas for your
bedroom decor

01. Keep Calm & Carry On

White paint might seem like the only way to make a tiny room feel lighter and airier, but light blue can have the same effect, and feels totally calming.

02. Cosy Layers

Contrasting patterns in muted tones create a restful bedroom, while wall-mounted lights keep the bedside clear.

03. Choose Bold Lighting

Putting one large-scale piece of artwork above the bed is a great alternative to a gallery wall and bold, modern lighting will bring just a punch of modern style.

Deborah Tarantola
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